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I'm buying the shit outta this.

Analogue - Pocket


I'm looking at you Wicker Park and Logan Square fakes.

(Edit: The Hard Times and their sister publications are cool. Namastegodbless ~)

Gentrified Neighborhood Only Allows Tagging by Graffiti Artists With at Least 40k Instagram Followers


I support the Chicago Public Schools teachers strike. Considering that the continuing privatization and closing of schools have been chipping away at the foundation of the CTU and standards of education for children, I'm glad they're pushing hard to get what they deserve.


But this opinion piece is a much more elegant description of my feelings on the strike and why I care.

OPINION | I support the Chicago Teachers strike. Here’s why. • The TRiiBE


A good read about something I've been suspecting for a while.

Shady Numbers And Bad Business: Inside The Esports Bubble


More art. It's just... beautiful.

What If Your Alderman Were Goth? We Have the Answer for Some Reason | Chicago Genius Herald


The short of it: is boring (by design).

The long of it: is just not for me. It just seems strangely sterile. Not that I don't like curation and whatnot, but the fact that the main discovery page is curated means you only really get a taste of the most milquetoast folks posting about programmer stuff with some nice photos wedged in. The tags (tagmojis) are not much better in interesting content, but at least it's a cool idea.


The idea of the Personal Brand is something I got caught up in many moons ago. Eventually I stopped caring, because the idea of tying your personality, first / last name, and ideas to a Brand for people to easily digest is pretty dang dumb. Everyone gets tired of being "on" all the time at some point, I can imagine.


I enjoy that this thread asking for people's favorite personal sites turned into an accidental(?) self-promotion bonanza. What is a personal site nowadays, anyway? Seems like a personal site is often assumed to be a portfolio. Not bad, just interesting.


On a much more pleasant note, I've received a cassette tape from a band with my name in the credits for my photo work. Nice to know the photography I've done has earned me some props.