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Living large in Hell World. Lifty lady and professional computer toucher. (She / Her)



Screw Black Friday, donate to someone in need instead. Remember to pay it forward, because you'll never know when you'd want someone to help you in a time of need.

Also, it's rad to be nice. I mean, come on.

This year I'm donating to some folks over at


Here's a nice, snarky tweet to summarize my feelings about the Pokemon Sword and Shield situation. (Nitter is rad, by the way.)

gamecrusher pua (@porchfan87) | Nitter


Tommy Tomenheimer on Twitter: "Hey, what's your favorite music genre? Mine is... … "


And of course, as with most good initiatives, there are always marketing clowns and grifters who try to co-opt grassroots efforts.

Like freakin' clockwork.


Richest country in the world, yet people have to struggle to pay for public transit. On top of that, people get arrested and harassed for just trying to get from point A to point B.

Focus on the keyword: Public.

These folks are leading an initiative to fight back against unnecessary policing. Public transportation should be affordable (even free!). Show 'em some love by checking out their site, and learn about how we can protect people from this Hell World scenario.

Swipe It Forward


Darn tootin'!

Striking Teachers and Support Staff Forced Chicago's Mayor to Find Money She Said Wasn't There | Labor Notes


A small photo essay about urban decay.

Chicago’s Field of Dreams Brings Change, But Only So Much

lol "Are you a robot?" Ha.


A Horrible Thin Lizzy Halloween Boogaloo

A Horrible Thin Lizzy Halloween Boogaloo

Pictured here is America's favorite Terrible, No Good, Horrible band by the name of uh... Horrible. They played a show on Oct 25th, doing some quality Thin Lizzy cover songs. I haven't seen them play since last year. Time files.


The fact that Lincoln Yards got funded and the Chicago Teacher's Union has to fight for their rights to fair equity for them and their students is a real drag. It's so strange how Chicago never has any money for anything, and yet the council and our Mayors constantly side with (and give money to) real estate megaprojects. I knew Lightfoot was milquetoast from the start, but people didn't believe me. Now will they believe me?